End User License Agreement

by downloading and/or installing Kyle Wayne Benson fonts you agree to the following terms and conditions:

1. Installation & Location

a. Authorized users are permitted to install and use Kyle Wayne Benson Fonts (hereafter “Fonts”] on up to as many machines as is needed as long as the total number of users does not exceed the users permitted under your License.

b. Authorized users are permitted to install and use Fonts on as many sites as their purchased license permits. The total number of sites may not exceed the numer of users permitted under your License. For each additional site used, an additional user license must be purchased.

c. A special license is required for use of Fonts in apps or for use in mobile computing devices (Tablets, Smartphones, devices running on iOS or other mobile software). Likewise, a special license is required for broadcast, exhibition, and film usage.

d. If you need to install Fonts on more than the CPUs permitted under this license, or if more users need to use Fonts, you are required to upgrade to a multiple user license. Fonts may not be sub-licensed, sold, leased, rented, or given away (transfer of license) to another person or business.

e. You further agree to exercise reasonable care to avoid unauthorized distribution of Fonts.

2. Rights

Fonts are the exclusive property of Kyle Wayne Benson, and your payment has only licensed you to the use of Fonts. No permanent rights or ownership rights are granted as a part of this License.

3. Protective Use

a. Except as may be otherwise expressly permitted by a separate written agreement, you may not modify, reverse engineer, alter or otherwise copy the drawings within Fonts. Editing font .otf, .woff, .ttf or .svg files for optimization is permitted.

b. All documents, applications, or devices that include Fonts should be distributed in a secure format that permits only the viewing and printing but not the editing of the text, nor the accessing of Fonts.

4. Agreement

a. Any breach of this agreement is cause for termination. In the event of termination, all Fonts are to be immediately and permanently deleted.

b. By downloading and installing Fonts you acknowledge that you have read, understood, and agreed to be bound by the terms and conditions of this license agreement.