Fonts in Use

I think I’m going to make a regular thing at this. Sharing the great designs some of my fonts are a part of, that is. Feel free to chip in.

Millie Regular

Within the short four months of Millie’s life, she’s seen some great use in everything from beer labels to christmas cards.

Fullsteam Brewery’s Fruitcake…the Beer!


Graphic Designer Sean Baker used, and righteously modified, Millie for this “bourbon barrel-aged old ale”. Very cool.



This is another great modification by Robert Williams. I loved seeing this logo, because this is the kind of industry I felt like Millie would succeed in. Check out this shot of the logo in use.

Sankey Canal

Sankey Canal

Olly Sorsby is a gentleman, and a master in the realm of classic design. The vintage twist he put on Millie really surprised me. I designed Millie because I was looking for a very modern, geometric, script. But he saw it for something completely different, when he used it for his Canals of England project. This is why I love creativity.

The Church

The Church

I don’t even know where to begin with Andrew Colin Beck. I swear this dude never sleeps, yet when you’re with him he acts like he has all the time in the world for what you have to say. I always feel privileged when he uses my fonts.

Farmer’s Co-op

BYU LAW Basketball


Designer, and law school student, Steven J. Clayton sent me this t-shirt design for his law school basketball team. Farmer’s Co-op has never looked better. That bevel is beautiful.

I Want to See More

I hardly get the chance to use these fonts. I love to see all the places they can go. Please, send me your screenshots. Oh, and if you dribbble a shot, add the font’s name as a tag so that I can easily find your shot.