Farmer’s Co-op

Farmer’s Co-op: the extended, extra bold, sans serif your forefarmers would have used. A quaint, little, hand painted, sign up top a local Farmer’s Co Operative in Springville, Utah, was the primary inspiration for Farmer’s Co-op’s creation. When I saw it I was immediately impressed by its serious yet playful qualities—like it was caught somewhere between trying to sell corn and play baseball.

This 8 weight family includes 74 European glyphs, many other miscellaneous glyphs not shown, and webfonts.

Farmer's Specs Farmer's Specs Farmer's Specs Farm Fresh Eggs strawberries
Sale includes all eight weights of Farmer’s Co-op and their accompanying webfonts (WOFF & SVG). By clicking the button below, you agree to the terms and conditions.

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