Howdy. My name’s Kyle Wayne Benson. I’m a freelance designer and developer, currently living and working in Provo, Utah. I enjoy traveling, the mid-century, and soda. You can learn more about me here.

Where’s my Font?

Try here. If that doesn’t work, email me.

One More Thing

After the purchase, your email gets thrown onto an email list so that I can send you updates to the fonts. If I add anything to the font, you’ll be the first to get it. I promise I won’t spam you with emails about my projects or stuff I’m working on. Feel free to email me back and let me know your thoughts or suggestions on the updates.

Buy Them All

A few people have requested a discount for buying my entire font collection. Check out the bulk discounts over here.

Let’s Work Together!

All of my fonts were created for various branding projects. I’ve worked for clients like Bluehost, Planimal, and SB Monumental. And even if you don’t want to work-work together, I’d love to talk shop, give tips, or blah blah blah.

Contact me, with some details for your font or logotype, and I’ll send over a quote.